My Journal is Available Now!

Me & Little Me: Journal Prompts for The Inner Child

This is a great tool for anyone who is hesitant about therapy but wants to start working on themselves or someone in therapy who wants to maximize their healing process with work outside of their sessions. Journaling is an excellent tool for self-care, yet many struggle to do it. Let the prompts guide you on a journey towards healing!


My name is Junie Welsh and I am a therapist!

I have my master's in clinical mental health, I am a nationally certified counselor, EMDR trained, and am taking clients in both TN and CA! In TN I am an LPC-MHSP temp (licensed professional counselor temp under supervision) and LADAC II (licensed alcohol and drug addiction counselor). In CA I am a master's level CAADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor).
I treat young people struggling with trauma, current or past substance abuse, or have been affected by the substance abuse of a loved one. I am an enneagram 8, dog mom, Cancer sun, Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising, and a jam band lover (the Grateful Dead specifically.) My goal is that however you have been affected by substance abuse and the trauma that ensues, I can help you clear away the wreckage, break free from the pain, and step into the light.